• Кресло MSG90.3SIB-1

Chair MSG90.3SIB-1

Designed for installation in the workplace of the driver (assistant driver) in the locomotive
Basic equipment:
- Armchair driver
- Armrests
- Headrest
- Pneumatic suspension system
- Pantograph
- Lumbar support
- Preheating
Main characteristics:

Adjusting the seat in the horizontal direction - 410 mm;
- Adjustment (stepless) of a seat in a vertical direction - 100 mm;
- Adjusting the seat by driver's weight automatic - 50 ... 130 kg;
- Adjustable lumbar support;

Presence of a pneumatic suspension system with the possibility of installing an autonomous compressor;
- Turning the seat around the vertical axis by 240 degrees with an intermediate fixation in 3 positions of 120 degrees;

Presence of two-level pneumatic lumbar support;
- The seat is equipped with a heating system: voltage 24V, rated power - 67W, consumed current - 2.5 ... 3.0 A;
- Options for upholstery of a seat made of vinyl or fabric

- This seat meets the requirements of the National Bureau of Railway Transport ЦТ-ЦП 053-2001;
- All the elements of the seat have certificates of conformity