• Сиденье S45F-80Har

Drivers seat S45-80Har

They are used on buses, trucks and heavy machinery, in the cabin of the crane operator, etc.
Standard equipment:
  - Upholstery fabric.
  - Backrest tilting mechanism
  - Mechanical suspension system with adjustable weight operator;
  - Height adjustment;
  - The mechanism of longitudinal movement;

Additional options:
  - Headrest;
  - Armrests;
  - Leather upholstery;
  - Drawing of a corporate logo;
  - 2-point safety belt;
  - 3-point safety belt;
  - Pneumatic suspension system
  - Side consoles (boxes) for installing joysticks; Pictures   - Swing mechanism;

The driver's seat, with a cushioning system, adjustable in height, the backrest angle, in the longitudinal direction, and also depending on the driver's mass, intended for installation in vehicles. The driver's seat consists of a seat cushion, a seatback, a seat frame, a head restraint, a suspension mechanism (mechanical or pneumatic), fabric upholstery, a seat belt.